How do I use cold wallet (formerly: watch wallet)?

updated at 2020-07-07

Ready to use:

  1. Two phones without root access.
  2. Download the APP from the URL or an official APP store and make sure you have installed any new updates to the APP.
  3. One of phone open Airplane mode as a cold wallet, keep it offline always because it's saved your private key.

Watch wallet:

If you want to use the cold wallet in imToken APP, you should watch the wallet at first.

note: one of phone connected network as a hot wallet to watch cold wallet, the other one keep offline for Authorized signature.

Step1 Cold wallet: choose the wallet you want to be watched


Step2 Hot wallet: enter “Import ETHEREUM Wallet” page  -> choose “Cold Wallet” -> Tap "Scan button" on the upper right corner, scan wallet address QR code from step1


Step3 Cold wallet: scan step2's QR wallet -> click "Next" -> input password -> generate "successful signature" QR code


Step4 Hot wallet: click "Next"button -> click "Scan" button -> scan signature QR code from cold wallet generated in step3 -> click "Confirm" -> complete


It works!
It doesn't help :(